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Virat Kohli Calls T20 World Cup 2024 A Game-Changer For American Cricket
By CricShots - Jun 1, 2024 6:22 pm
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The 2024 T20 World Cup, co-hosted by the West Indies and the United States, marks a historic moment for cricket. For the first time, the US takes center stage, aiming to introduce cricket to a nation traditionally dominated by sports like basketball and baseball. Indian cricket star Virat Kohli sees this event as a catalyst for the sport’s global expansion, particularly in the US.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli 

In a recent discussion with the US Consulate in Mumbai, Kohli expressed his astonishment at the prospect of playing on American soil. “Honestly, I never thought we would be playing cricket in any form in the States,” he admitted.

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However, he quickly pivoted to highlight the positive implications. “But, now it’s a reality. And that tells you about the growing impact of the sport in the world and the United States is more than willing to accept the change and probably be the first one on a global scale to accept it, in a way, with the World Cup,” Virat Kohli explained.

Virat Kohli views this not just as a single event, but as a potential launching pad for something much bigger. He anticipates a ripple effect, with the sport’s popularity growing steadily in the US.


“I think it’s a great start. It’s the ideal way to begin and it’s going to have a huge impact, and in starting off a kind of a domino effect. I hope it carries on for a long period of time,” the 35-year-old cricketer stated.

Further fueling his optimism is the existing presence of a passionate cricket community in the US. The large Indian expat population has already played a significant role in sustaining and promoting cricket within the country.

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Additionally, Virat Kohli pointed to the recent developments with Major League Cricket as another positive sign. The inclusion of renowned international cricketers alongside the ongoing infrastructural growth signifies promising strides forward for the sport in the US.

The 2024 T20 World Cup might not just be a cricket tournament; it could be the spark that ignites a newfound love for the sport in a nation known for its love of athletic competition. With Kohli’s endorsement and the combined efforts of various stakeholders, cricket’s future in America appears brighter than ever.