Virat Kohli drinks only this brand of water!
By B Dixit - Apr 25, 2017 12:58 pm
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India and Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, Virat Kohli, has set high standards of himself not only in the field of batting but in the field of fitness as well. Easier said than done, the latter requires a lot of attention on one’s body. For an elite athlete like Kohli, to attain such a level of fitness requires a lot of sacrifices, both on and off the field.

Any athlete or trainer would agree to the fact that diet plays an integral part in achieving the required amount of fitness. Emphasis is not only given on the amount of proteins and carbohydrates you consume but also on the brand of water of water you drink. Yes, exactly. Modern-day players have become so particular that they have their respective preferences even in terms of a bottle of water.

Virat Kohli is one such athlete. The Indian captain only drinks water from a specific brand of mineral water, known as Evian. Owned by the French multinational corporation Danone, it is said that the company fills water from a natural spring.

It is also learnt that Kohli is very especial about his diet, so much so that he never compromises even on the brand of water that he drinks. He always carries surplus amount of bottles with him wherever he goes, especially in places in India, where this particular brand is not available.

One 330 ml bottle of Evian costs INR 225.