Virat Kohli Is In Touch With David Warner Since His Suspension
By CricShots - Dec 10, 2018 12:21 pm
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The Indian skipper Virat Kohli has often been termed as a run-machine with an unending appetite for scoring centuries. However, for Kohli who is already on the verge of becoming the legend of the game, has no desire for numbers because for him inspiring others through his work ethic is more important.

Adelaide crowd booed Virat Kohli

Currently, he’s leading India in their third overseas assignment of 2018, searching for a first Test series win on Australian soil.

During a recent chat with Adam Gilchrist on Fox Cricket, Kohli said, “Honestly, numbers and all these things would be the last thing I would think of when I finish playing. For me, the most important thing is if I’ve been able to inspire the next lot to push themselves towards excellence and break their own barriers of any kind of limitations they have in their minds or bodies. If I can leave that legacy behind where people are striving for excellence every day in what they eat, how they train, how much they sleep, what their rest patterns are like, how they practice, how they think about the game and keep Indian cricket at that level. If I can contribute to that even five percent I’ll be very happy at the end of my career.”

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Providing a deeper insight into how he looks at his career, Virat said he has a practical approach and is aware that the career is temporary and so he won’t get “too attached” to it. He said that his focus is more on staying in the present, by focusing on what he needs to do in his sport and his life. 

Describing his point further, Kohli said, “I understand this is going to end one day and I don’t want to be addicted to something that I will not have one day. It’s great that so many people like or love what I do and If I can provide entertainment and happiness for them I’m grateful for that. But the numbers don’t matter. If I’m able to impact one life, that’s more than enough for me.”

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith

The Indian skipper also revealed that he was saddened to see to the trio – Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft – treated with such disdain following the events in Cape Town.

Kohli added, “Well, it was sad to see. Apart from all the competitiveness on the field and all the battles that you have, you never want to see such a magnitude happen to two sportsmen and what happened after was, I felt, very bad. I felt like that the things happened after shouldn’t have happened. The things that hit me the hardest was the way they were received at the airports and the way they were escorted out. It is not my place to comment on the decisions but to treat people like that for me it was unpleasant to see.”

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When asked about if he had spoken to the banned trio since the controversy, Virat replied that not at that time precisely, but he has had a healthy relationship with Warner. 

The Indian skipper said, “But after that event, from then on and before, I’ve always been in touch with David. MeInd him get along really well, so I’ve always been in touch with him. He’s always nice and sends me texts after games and he’s been very kind to me. It takes two people to break a barrier – which might be created on the field – and he’s been more than welcome in that regard and I have reciprocated in the same way.”