Wasim Akram urges Indian and Pakistani fans to stop celebrating each other’s losses
By SMCS - Nov 27, 2023 7:29 am
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Pakistan’s legendary speedster Wasim Akram recently added that he is sad to see fans from India and Pakistan celebrate each other’s losses. Akram also feels that supporters of both nations should focus on enjoying their own wins as well. He also shared that there are a few popular faces in both countries who engage in activities that show negativity.

India Pakistan
India vs Pakistan

During an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda, Akram added: “Seeing the way India and Pakistan celebrate each other’s losses, I can only think of the phrase, ‘Begaani shaadi mein abdulla deewana’. I am not naming anyone, but there are a few famous people in both countries who sometimes don’t help the cause. You are patriotic for your country, and we are for ours. Let’s finish it there. Just be nice to each other at a time when everyone is struggling. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.”

However, Pakistan were subjected to heavy trolling in India after their group-stage exit at the recently concluded 2023 World Cup. The Pakistani fans did the same after the Indian team’s heartbreaking six-wicket defeat to Australia in the final in Ahmedabad. During the same discussion, Gautam Gambhir also expressed the same as Wasim Akram on the rivalry between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans.

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“Focus on celebrating your team’s victories rather than enjoying other team’s losses. It makes no sense to celebrate the other team’s defeat. When Pakistan lose, people in India are very happy, and it’s the same in Pakistan when India suffer a defeat. This is a very negative attitude. It is important to change this approach, at least in sports,” Gambhir added: “Find joy in your own happiness, not in the sorrow of others. What benefit does it bring? A sportsman should not think like this. People have started doing such things just to get traction and followers on social media.”

Gautam gambhir
Gautam Gambhir

Meanwhile, the veteran also hoped that fans of both teams would avoid targeting each other during the upcoming 2024 T20 World Cup as well. Moreover, not only just fans, but several former cricketers from both countries also took a jibe at each other during the 2023 World Cup as well.

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“India and Pakistan will face each other in the T20 World Cup after a few months. You never know; they might square off in the final as well. But it shouldn’t be the case that people in India are overjoyed if Pakistan lose against a team, or Pakistani fans celebrate if India lose any of their games. Both the team have their own challenges to deal with,” Gautam Gambhir concluded.