WATCH : Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock guesses Dhoni’s helicopter shot right
By CS - Dec 26, 2017 6:53 am
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Former WWE wrestler now an actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is promoting his upcoming film Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle in Los Angeles. The WWE superstar has a huge fan following in India and him for the sake for his Indian fans asserted that he would try to learn a few things about India’s ‘national obsession’ — the game of cricket. When quizzed upon it was surprising to see that he could not quite know the basic cricketing signals given by the on-field umpires but he did know about national hero Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s helicopter shot.

Rock The Dwayne Johnson
Source: Star Sports

In a video which was telecasted in Star Sports, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was shown a few clips extracted from some random cricket games of the past and was asked to answer what the umpiring signals were. In the first question, the umpire was signaling out by raising his finger, but then Johnson’s prediction was,”the umpire is telling him that if he joins this field, he would be number one.”

Moving onto the next clip he was shown an umpire indicating a no-ball, again Johnson was not able to guess it and predicted that his own millions of Indian fans are on the right side of the umpire in a comical way. The Rock completely failed to guess the umpire signals, however, he was smart and correct to guess that it was a helicopter shot when a clip of former Indian captain MS Dhoni was played. Rock, further identified all of the batting shots correctly and also managed to guess a type of bowling delivery.


Towards the end, The Rock promised that he would surely aim at getting on the field to play cricket, and has also wished the Indian Cricket Team all the best for their future tournaments.

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