WATCH – Fielder Fell Out Of The Ground Attempting A Catch
By CricShots - May 22, 2019 10:19 pm
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Funny incidents aren’t a new thing on the cricket field for the fans as more of often than not, cricketers witness a brain-fade and end up giving a memorable moment for the followers of the game. One such incident took place in a domestic game in England in a high altitude ground.

A few moments before the catch incident

A spinner was seen bowling to a right-handed batsman and he delivered the ball in the slot for the batsman which was juicy enough for the latter to smack it over the cow corner for a huge six. Meanwhile, the fielder at mid-wicket decided to go for a catch as it wasn’t too far from the boundary, but he forgets the fact that that was a huge pit just after the boundary line and in order to take the catch, the fielder fell into it.

On one hand, the incident was quite horrifying for the fielder and on the other hand, some of the other fielder and even umpire’s reaction after the incident was as funny as it can get. The short-mid-wicket fielder and the umpire the standing at the bowling end couldn’t able to digest what happened.

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Incidents like this keep the interest of various cricket fans around the world towards the beautiful game of cricket.