WATCH: When Umpire decides to join the players in appeal for dismissal
By SMCS - Jun 8, 2022 7:59 pm
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Umpire’s job is quite tough in a game as his/her decision matters most in a match. And, they aren’t allowed to give any biased verdict or get along with the players as well. However, in a club cricket match in England recently, a hilarious incident took place.

Umpire was seen appealing for the wicket.

The umpire was seen forgetting his own role and joined the appeal of the leg before by the bowling team as the batter was hit on the pads as well. Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club were playing against Overton Cricket Club when the funny incident happened as well.

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While batting first, Overton were playing at 12/5. Sophie Cook bowled a delivery outside the off-stump which was shaped back in. Batter Michael Eeles tried to leave the ball but it hit his pads as well. Cook and other members of the team were seen appealing in unison as well. However, a gesture from the umpire left everyone in surprise. Umpire also joined the bowling team and started appealing for the wicket but he soon realised it and gave the batter out too.