Yograj Singh reveals Arjun Tendulkar’s training after his debut century in Ranji Trophy
By SMCS - Dec 16, 2022 1:51 pm
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Son of the batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar scored a hundred on his first-class debut while playing for Goa in the Ranji Trophy 2022/23. Tendulkar scored 120 runs from 207 balls and guided his side Goa to rebuild the innings after early wickets against Rajasthan. With his century, Arjun emulated his father Sachin Tendulkar who had also scored a debut century in the Ranji Trophy 34 years ago as well.

Yograj Singh

Meanwhile, some videos became viral a few months back where Yograj Singh was seen training junior Tendulkar prior to the Ranji season. And, while speaking to Indian Express, Yograj said that he only took on the training of Arjun on Sachin’s request, who is like an elder son to him as well.

“In the first week of September, I got a call from Yuvi (Yuvraj), saying, ‘Dad, Arjun will be in Chandigarh for two weeks and Sachin has requested if you have time to train him’. How could I have said no to Sachin, he is like my elder son. But I had one condition. I told Yuvi, ‘You know my way of training and I don’t want anyone to intervene’,” Yograj Singh told The Indian Express.

The veteran has also stated that he advised Arjun to forget that he was Sachin’s son and train to his best potential as well. He also stated that he put focus on Arjun’s batting which he thought was important in his game.

Arjun Tendulkar

“I had told him that he must forget he is Sachin Tendulkar’s son for the next 15 days. I feel he was mollycoddled by coaches because he is Tendulkar’s son. I told him that he needs to get out of his father’s shadow,” he again said. “When I saw him batting, I thought this guy could be a destroyer. I immediately gave feedback to Sachin and Yuvraj. I called Sachin and asked him why he didn’t focus more on Arjun’s batting.”

Notably, after scoring his century, Arjun Tendulkar also picked up 2 wickets from his 14 overs as well.