Yuvraj Singh Arrested By Haryana Police For His Casteist Comments On Chahal
By CricShots - Oct 17, 2021 10:22 pm
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According to News 18 Haryana and Punjab Kesari, former Indian all-rounder, Yuvraj Singh has been arrested by Hisar police in Hansi, Haryana. He was charged with making casteist remarks against the Scheduled Castes. Yuvraj is accused of making insulting remarks on Yuzvendra Chahal in a live chat with Rohit Sharma last year. The southpaw reached Chandigarh following a High Court order and he has been questioned by the police. 

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh has now been released on formal bail as per the High Court order. The High Court had earlier granted bail to Yuvraj in the case. As a result, Hansi police formally arrested him, sought some answers from him, and later released him on bail.

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The veteran southpaw reached Hisar following a High Court order. He was accompanied by four or five security personnel and lawyers from Chandigarh to Hisar. After a few hours of interrogation, he was again flown to Chandigarh. Social activist Rajat Kalsan had lodged a complaint with the police, and then a case was registered against Yuvraj.

However, Yuvraj Singh had already admitted his mistake to the world. He apologized in a post on social media, as he wrote: “I want to make it clear that I have never believed in any kind of inequality regarding caste, color, color, and gender. I have given my life for the good of the people and it continues to this day.”

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He also added, “I was talking to my friend, my point was misunderstood, which is baseless. However, being a responsible Indian, I would like to say that if I have inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, I feel sorry for them. My love for India and its people will always be there.”

Yuvraj Singh was accused of using insulting and offensive language against the Scheduled Caste community. Dalit rights activist Rajat Kalsan had filed charges against him under various sections of the SC-ST Act and IPC in Hansi police station town. Yuvraj filed a petition in the High Court seeking disposal of the case. On which the High Court had stayed the police action against Yuvraj.