Yuzvendra Chahal spoke about his friendship with Andrew Symonds; also revelead his first meeting experience with MS Dhoni
By Sandy - Jun 2, 2018 12:54 am
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27-year-old Indian leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has recently spoken about his relations with some senior cricketers. He revealed his friendship with the former Aussie cricketer Andrew Symonds as well as his early experiences with the former Indian captain MS Dhoni.

Yuzvendra Chahal

In a chat show named “Breakfast With Champions”, Chahal recently shared some stories with Gaurav Kapur.

Chahal believes that Symonds was very misunderstood character as he is not an arrogant type man. During IPL 2011, Chahal and Symonds both played for Mumbai Indians which was also Chahal’s first IPL season.

From that time, they became a very good friend and they have still a strong relation. Chahal also revealed that Symonds and his wife call him ‘Apples’ for his tiny biceps. Chahal also revealed that Mrs. Symonds learned to cook butter chicken for him which is Chahal’s one of the favourite dishes.

Andrew Symonds

Talking more about Symonds, Chahal said, “7 saal ho gaye. Me usko abhi bhi message me kuch gaali likh ke bhej dunga na acha hi reply aayega, jam ke. (It’s been 7 years, and even if I send him an abuse as text message he will reply something nice),”

Chahal also recalled the moment when he first met with the former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. It was in 2016 when Chahal made his international debut under Dhoni’s captaincy, from whom Chahal received his ODI cap.

MS Dhoni and Yuzvendra Chahal

Speaking about that, Chahal quoted, “I had received the ODI cap from Mahi bhai. He is a legend and was with him for the first time. I was not even able to talk in front of him. He talks so nicely that you wonder if he is really Mahi bhai.

“During Zimbabwe tour when I met him first, I used to call him Mahi Sir. After two overs he called me and said, ‘Mahi, Dhoni, Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Bhai. Call me whatever you want’,” Chahal further added.

Watch here the full video of that chat show: