6 Incidents When Cricketers Proved Cricket Is A Gentlemen’s Game
By CricShots - Jul 14, 2017 4:27 pm
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Cricket has always been considered as the Gentleman’s game. The game has always been known to be played with complete sportsmanship. There are numerous cricketers whose careers serve as a tribute to the sportsman spirit.

Here are 6 such incidents when cricketers have proved that why cricket is a gentleman’s game:

1. India vs Pakistan (1989)

India-Pakistan clashes have always been fiery with added spice. During one such high-intensity game in Lahore, Chris Srikkanth was very clearly wrongly given LBW, and while he started to walk back toward the dressing room, Imran Khan ran up to him and asked him to come back, as he had realized that it wasn’t out too.

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