AB de Villiers Opens Up About Coping with Anxiety: Battling Inner Demons
By CricShots - Jul 20, 2023 5:53 pm
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Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers has candidly shared his struggles with anxiety before big games, revealing that he had to rely on sleeping pills to cope with the pressure. Speaking on his YouTube channel, De Villiers acknowledged that the use of sleeping tablets to fall asleep became a concern over time, as it made him feel relaxed and eased anxiety.

AB De Villiers
AB De Villiers

AB de Villers specifically recalled the night before the 2015 ODI World Cup match against West Indies when he scored a remarkable century despite only sleeping for 2-3 hours due to anxiety and stress.

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“I can relate to this because I had similar issues before big games, really struggling to sleep. Sleeping tablets helped me fall asleep and it can become a problem after a while because the tablet only doesn’t make you sleep, it makes you feel really relaxed, takes a bit of anxiety away, and you just feel in a very good space,” AB de Villiers shared.


He further described the night before the West Indies match, where he had stomach cramps and sought medical assistance to get an injection at 3 am, highlighting the pressure he felt as it was a crucial must-win game for the team.

AB de Villiers’ openness about his mental struggles is commendable, and it reflects a growing trend among high-profile athletes to speak up about mental health challenges. Players like Australian cricketer Steve Smith and footballer Dele Ali have also discussed their experiences with sleeping issues and anxiety in the past.

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This kind of openness from renowned cricketers like de Villiers and Sachin Tendulkar, who previously revealed battling anxiety during his illustrious career, can inspire other players to seek help and support if they face similar issues. Mental health awareness in sports is crucial to ensure the well-being of athletes and foster a supportive environment in the competitive world of cricket.