Bangladesh Fan Traumatized After Indian Fans Tear Apart His Tiger Mascot
By CricShots - Oct 21, 2023 6:02 pm
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Cricket, often celebrated as the gentleman’s game, is a sport that transcends borders and unites people through their shared passion for the game. However, a recent incident during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match between India and Bangladesh in Pune has tarnished the sport’s reputation and raised concerns about the treatment of visiting fans.

Bangladesh fan
Bangladesh fan

Shoaib Ali, affectionately known as “Tiger Shoaib,” is a dedicated Bangladeshi superfan who is recognized for his unwavering support and fervor for the Bangladesh cricket team. He is an iconic figure among cricket enthusiasts, and his notable mascot, a tiger, has become a symbol of his unbridled passion for the sport and his beloved team.

During the India vs Bangladesh World Cup match, Indian fans were captured on video tearing apart Shoaib Ali’s cherished tiger mascot. The distressing footage of this incident has been circulating on social media, sparking outrage and condemnation from cricket fans worldwide.

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The incident has raised concerns about the importance of maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment in sporting events. While cricket rivalries can be intense, fans must remember the values of respect, camaraderie, and fair play that lie at the heart of the game.

Tiger Shoaib’s dedication to supporting his team is an embodiment of the passion and enthusiasm that cricket inspires. Superfans like him add color and character to the sport, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that transcends national boundaries. Such fans, regardless of their allegiance, are a testament to the unifying power of cricket and should be celebrated for their contribution to the game.


In response to the incident, many cricket fans have expressed their disappointment and called for an investigation to identify the individuals responsible for this unsportsmanlike behavior. The cricketing community is known for its camaraderie and respect for fans from all corners of the world, and it is disheartening to witness such actions tarnishing the reputation of the sport.

Cricket authorities, along with fans and well-wishers of the game, should collectively condemn such behavior and promote an inclusive and friendly atmosphere in stadiums. Cricket is not just a contest between teams; it is a celebration of the spirit of the game, where fans come together to appreciate the skills and efforts of the players.

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Shoaib Ali, “Tiger Shoaib,” and fans like him symbolize the passion that makes cricket a global phenomenon. It is incumbent upon all cricket lovers to stand against unsportsmanlike conduct and ensure that the sport remains a place where fans, regardless of their team allegiances, can come together to celebrate their shared love for the game.

As the cricketing world reflects on this incident, it serves as a reminder that the true spirit of the sport lies in unity and respect and that every fan, like Shoaib Ali, should be able to enjoy the game without fear of harassment or intimidation. Cricket should continue to be a platform that brings people together, fostering friendships and connections that transcend borders and cultures.