BCCI re-organise a fresh examination for level-1 refresher umpires
By Sandy - Mar 14, 2018 12:53 pm
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The BCCI’s examination process of Refresher Course for level-1 umpires in 2017 had faced a lot of criticism. The examination process had run in two different tests at different cities with different kinds of sets of questions. However, after looking at the heavy criticisms, BCCI has decided to take a fresh examination for all the candidates.

It was the examinations of Refresher Course for Level-1 umpires, which were held on June 7 and June 10. The first examination (June 7) was held in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Nagpur and Kolkata while the second examination (June 10) centres were in Indore, Pune, Chennai and Visakhapatnam.

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Each candidate had to appear in both exams where the first examination’s paper (Paper 1) was very straightforward and the second examination’s paper was very tricky.

Talking about the differences between both papers, a young candidate had said according to the Sportstar, “Paper 1 was straight out of the law book except for a couple of questions. Paper 2 was full of tricky and hypothetical situations where a lot of thought was required.”

Another candidate had quoted, “There is an element of doubt that the earlier paper was set to help a certain set of candidates because the questions were fairly easy. But why should candidates competing for the same job be treated differently? Easy questions for some and very difficult for others.”

Another candidate had claimed that the examination time was not enough for the Paper 2. He had also claimed that the Paper 1 was demanding lesser time to complete even they could revise the answers during that examination time.

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Appearing in Visakhapatnam centre, he had quoted, “The paper required a lot more time to complete than the two hours that were given because of the number of questions and the duration involved to attempt. Even so, not everyone had been sure of the answers, including some of the faculty involved. Paper 1, due to lesser number and easy nature of the questions, was something candidates could easily complete well within time, and even revise the answers.”

Not only just candidates, umpires had also raised the questions on that examination process. A retired umpire had told, “The concept is the same, based on the law but the questions are twisted. Language, however, could have been issue too. It surely put candidates who appeared on June 10 in a tough situation. I feel the whole process was to deny candidates from some associations.”

Now, BCCI has decided to re-organise the examination for all those candidates who had appeared both exams. BCCI will announce the examination date soon.