Bedi said “BCCI have to comply with the Lodha Committee”
By Sandy - Mar 10, 2018 12:47 pm
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Former Indian captain and left-arm spinner Bishan Singh Bedi said that BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has to comply with the Lodha Committee’s recommendations on the structure & constitution and the governance.

Bishan Singh Bedi

In January 2015, Supreme Court appointed the Lodha Committee under the leadership of Justice R.M. Lodha. The committee has provided many major recommendations on the structure & constitution and the governance of BCCI and IPL, but BCCI members are continuously showing disinterests and delaying to implement those recommendations.

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Legendary Indian left-arm spinner Bishan Singh Bedi now said that it was a verdict which can’t be withdrawn and that’s why BCCI has to comply with the Lodha Committee. On the sidelines of the IndusInd Bank Blind Cricket Conclave, Bedi told ANI, “They have to comply with the Lodha Committee. That’s a verdict which cannot be withdrawn. It was not a suggestion by the Supreme Court, but a verdict. Supreme Court is the highest court in the country; you cannot expect the court to backtrack.”

Bedi has also questioned the word “control” in BCCI. He strongly said, ”Why has there to be the word “control” in BCCI? It should be the Indian cricket board or something else. There is no other country which uses this word with their parent body. Why do we have to control something which is all about freedom of expression?”

Bedi also mentioned that BCCI is currently bossing over the game while cricket itself should the boss not any particular administration. He said, “In order to be a good cricketer, you need to be a good student of the game. In order to be good administrator, you need to be good servant of the game. The students are all fine but the administration is bossing over the game. The only boss is cricket itself.”

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Bedi also urged the BCCI to take the Cricket Association for Blind in India (CABI) under its fold. He said, “I would expect the BCCI to take CABI under its fold and give all the assistance they require. You all are inspiration for millions. You all have shown that even if you don’t have eyesight, you can have vision.”