Bus Driver Informs He Didn’t Know Rishabh Pant Before Saving Him
By CricShots - Dec 31, 2022 12:23 pm
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The flamboyant Indian wicket-keeper batter, Rishabh Pant, who suffered gruesome injuries in a car crash on December 30 morning, was rescued by a driver and conductor of Haryana Roadways, who ensured that the southpaw safely move out of the car that had caught fire. Sushil Kumar, the driver of the Haryana Roadways bus, and his conductor Paramjeet Nain were the first ones to rush toward the star cricketer’s mangled car to help him.

Bus driver
Bus driver and conductor who helped Rishabh Pant

The bus driver and the conductor managed to get Rishabh Pant out of the vehicle before the car burst. According to the local police, Pant had dozed off while driving, ramming into the divider and causing the car crash. Sushil revealed that he was driving on the other side of the road – from Haridwar to Haryana when he saw the cricketer’s car crash on the other side.

During a chat with India Today, the bus driver said, “I was on my way when I saw a car, being driven at a speed of 60-70, got imbalanced and crashed into the divider. After the impact, the car landed on the wrong side of the road – the one that goes to Delhi. The car screeched onto the second lane of the road seeing as I stopped my bus.”

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He further added, “The car had already caught sparks so the conductor and I rushed to get him out of the car. By then the fire has started. Then, three more people came running and got him on the safe side.”

Sushil further informed that he had no idea who Rishabh Pant was until the cricketer told him about it. Not wasting time or making videos like people so these days, the bus driver immediately contacted the police within 10 minutes to the accident site while the conductor called an ambulance.

The bus driver stated that even though Pant’s mother’s phone was not reachable initially, the ambulance arrived in due time to take him to a local hospital.

Sushil Kumar elaborated, “He gave us his mother’s number. We called her but her phone was switched off. The ambulance arrived after 15 minutes and we got him in. He had also scattered his money on the road, which we picked up and handed to him in his hands. I asked him if he was alone in the car. He said there is no one. His face was covered in blood and his clothes were torn and his back was scratched. He was panicking and limping.”

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He further explained, “After removing Rishabh, I quickly searched the car to check if anyone else was there. I took out his blue bag and ₹ 7,000-Rs 8,000 rupees from the car and gave it to him in the ambulance.”

Haryana Roadways later honored Sushil and the Paramjeet, news agency PTI reported. Haryana Transport Minister Mool Chand Sharma said the two demonstrated a big example of humanity by providing immediate help to Mr Pant.