Conflict of Interest is Big Concern, Shares Sourav Ganguly
By Shruti - Oct 15, 2019 2:36 pm
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Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has been appointed as the new president of BCCI. He said that the conflict of interest has become a huge concern for everyone now a days. Even he shared his future plans too which he wants to do as the president of BCCI.

Sourav Ganguly

“I’m very happy cricketers are a part of the system. They have always been a part but the numbers were not as much. Conflict is an issue which something really needs to be looked at. All other appointments that have happened, there has been an issue with everything. Commentators in the IPL, that is another issue which needs to be sorted,” he said.

He further added that Ranji Trophy will also be in focus along with the pay structure of the first-class players.

“I have been very vocal about looking after the first-class players, especially the time they invest. First-class cricket is the base, the strength. I have written so many times in the last few years that the remunerations need to increase, and increase manifold. So that’s going to be priority to set the first class cricket in order. Look at cricket structure, look how governance happens and see smooth functioning happens with no issues,” he said.

The former India captain again added that he will try to do his best to overcome the dismal situation in Indian cricket.

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Sourav Ganguly

“It’s a very important time in Indian cricket administration, given what’s happened in the last three years. There was an emergency situation, which the members have overcome. This eight-man team, announced by Rajiv Shukla, will try and get BCCI back in order. To be in a position where I can make a difference along with the team would be extremely satisfying. Hopefully in the next few months, we can put everything in place and bring back normalcy in Indian cricket,” Sourav Ganguly added.

“As a team, we have a lot of things to do. To get administration in order, get the house, the office in order. Cricket on the field has been brilliant. Team has played exceptionally well after the semifinal exit. Good cricket depends on the infrastructure and the backroom work, and it’s our job at the back to make sure that everything is in the right frame and position so that the boys can excel,” he shared.

Ganguly also commented on the ‘conflict of Interest’ as this is one of the biggest issues facing Indian cricket since long. Even Ganguly himself faced the same allegations for his dual role as the president of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) and mentor of Delhi Capitals in IPL. He has already left Delhi Capitals mentorship and will relinquish his post as CAB president on October 23.

“Conflict of Interest is an issue. And I am not sure whether we will get the services of the best cricketers in the system, because they will have other options to avail,” Ganguly told. “Because if they come into the system and not get to do what is their livelihood, it is very difficult for them to be part of this system and make a difference.”

“If you look at all the appointments that have happened in various forms whether it is the NCA or CAC or the appointment of batting, fielding coaches, there has been issue with everything. Then come to commentators or IPL. This needs to be sorted as it is another very serious issue in Indian cricket,” he concluded.