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England’s Culinary Gambit: Touring India With Personal Chef Raises Eyebrows
By CricShots - Jan 6, 2024 6:26 pm
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The upcoming England Tour of India, set to commence later this month, has stirred some pre-series discussions. The five-match Test series, beginning on January 25, is expected to be a crucial test for England, who faced a 3-1 defeat in their previous tour to India. According to a report by The Telegraph, England is set to bring their own chef to India, aiming to prevent players from falling ill during the tour. This move has sparked a reaction, particularly from former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra.

England team
England Test team

Chopra took a humorous dig, suggesting that the idea of bringing their chef might not be a new one, especially considering the participation of English players in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He quipped, “Good idea. I’m sure that the majority of English players must be bringing in their chefs for the IPL too….year after year. AS IF,” in a post on X.


In addition to the culinary concerns, former England pacer Steve Harmison expressed apprehension about England’s preparations for the series. Criticizing the decision to arrive in India just three days before the five-match Test series, Harmison emphasized the importance of acclimation and preparation for playing in India. He asserted that such a brief timeframe before the series could lead to England deserving a 5-0 defeat.

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Steve Harmison, in a viral video, stated, “If England go in three days before, they deserve to get beaten 5-0, they really do. I’m an old man. And that’s what they’re going to say: ‘Times have changed, the game has changed.’ But I tell you what, preparation hasn’t changed.”

The former cricketer highlighted the challenges of playing in India, stating that under-preparation or over-preparation both pose significant risks.

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While acknowledging the new approach and strategies introduced by figures like Ben Stokes and ECB, Harmison remained skeptical about the effectiveness of a three-day preparation period, especially in comparison to the thorough preparation required for an Ashes Test series.