Glenn McGrath slams England over Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal
By SMCS - Jul 6, 2023 12:40 pm
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Legendary Australian pace bowler Glenn McGrath has lashed out at England’s ‘casual’ approach towards the Ashes 2023 so far and he feels Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal explained in a nutshell just how relaxed they seemed to be as well. McGrath was not impressed to see the ‘spirit of cricket’ debate emerge after Jonny Bairstow’s stumping as he felt the batter too should have been careful as well.

Jonny Bairstow
Jonny Bairstow

In his column for BBC Sport, Glenn McGrath wrote: “Bairstow’s dismissal epitomizes what we have seen from England in this series. It has been Casual Ball – CazBall if you will, not Bazball. The Yorkshireman walking out of his crease like he owned the game, was the culmination of everything we have seen from this current team. I have read a lot about the ‘spirit of cricket’ this week. Well, you have to respect Test cricket with your attitude as well. You cannot just go wandering out of your crease.”

However, Glenn McGrath was also a bit confused to see the shots played by some of the England batters during the Lord’s Test as well.

Jonny Bairstow
Jonny Bairstow witnessed a controversial dismissal

On this, Glenn McGrath stated: “I love the freedom England are playing with, but some of the shots they have played you have to ask the question. Maybe there is accountability inside the dressing room but the noise coming out is ‘we give the batters freedom’ and ‘it’s up to them’. That is like running a race, finishing 27th and someone giving you a medal. This is Test cricket. It is the Ashes!”