ICC Chairman Asserts Bilateral Series Will Be Reduced Due To Increase Of Domestic Leagues
By CricShots - May 28, 2022 7:12 pm
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According to the latest reports of PTI, ICC Chairman Greg Barclay has opined that in the upcoming future the bilateral contests between international teams will be expected to reduce if the window for the domestic T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) keep getting longer. IPL has been expanded to 74 matches over a two-month window compared to 60 matches last season.

ICC chairman
ICC chairman, Greg Barclay

Barclay was asked how one strikes a balance between the IPL and the international calendar.  ICC chairman said, “It is a good question. There will be an increase in both the scoping scale of some of the domestic leagues like the IPL and possibly some of the others and there will be new leagues. But they are the sovereign domain of the members, the domestic competitions, they can run as they choose to.”

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He further explained, “But more events, and longer time periods through those events mean there is going to be squeeze, we know there are only 365 days a year…So if there are more domestic leagues, that are attracted to the players, so something has to go and I don’t think ICC events, which are there every year, and those events have got more teams, so they are going to take longer, so the bit that gets squeezed are the bilateral arrangements.”

Team India
Team India plays a lot of bilateral series

However, ICC chairman also showered praises on IPL, saying: “First thing I would say after two years of not being able to travel, it is great to be back in India. And great to have my first trip back with the IPL – the semis and the final coming up.”

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He concluded saying, “So, I love the IPL, it is a great competition and I think India and the BCCI have done something quite wonderful with cricket. It is a spectacle that I am honored to be able to go along and watch and kind of be a part of. Credit to the country.”