ICC Considers T20 For Olympics Inclusion But Open To Considering Other Formats, Says USA Sricket Chief Paraag Marathe
By Aditya Pratap - Aug 23, 2021 6:56 pm
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) is open to considering other formats than T20 in the quest for its inclusion in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028, according to the USA Cricket chief Paraag Marathe

ICC Headquarter

Cricket was last featured in the Olympics way back in 1900 in Paris and hasn’t seen its return since then. ICC has announced they will be putting a bid for the inclusion of cricket in the summer Olympics from Los Angeles in 2028.

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Marathe has revealed despite T20 cricket being tailor-made for the Olympics, ICC is open to considering the other formats as well.

“I am hopeful that it is very likely. For the first time ever 106 member nations of the ICC are supportive of getting cricket into the Olympics,” Marathe, who is part of the ICC Olympic Working Group, told the Sport Unlocked podcast.

T20 cricket has been a huge success in the recent past and has spread its arms to all parts of the world. The Indian Premier League’s success tells about how this format became so popular in no time.

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“I think the T20 format is one that is easily digestible and works. It certainly works from a timing perspective. It fits the format of American sports, roughly three hours,” Marathe explained.

Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics in 2028

“It’s an understood format because of the success of the IPL…but of course we will work with the IOC and if there is a different format they prefer then we are open to it. The most important thing for us is to get cricket in the Games. We do go in thinking that T20 is probably the best.”

Marathe, who met Watmore on Friday to discuss the issue, said cricket’s Olympic’s inclusion was not a “foregone conclusion”.

“I just know that for the first time we have a united effort of wanting to be in the Olympics and it’s long overdue in my opinion.”