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IPL Franchises On Their Way To Make The Yo-Yo Test Mandatory
By P - Apr 2, 2018 6:47 am
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The modern cricket is taking the leaps that were never imagined before. One of the major reason for this revolution is the new levels of fitness that players have achieved. India under Virat Kohli is not far behind from the world-class standard. IPL which began in 2008 is also absorbing the fashion.

Yo-Yo Test
IPL Franchises are also stressing on the yo-yo endurance test. (Photo: Economic Times)

The Indian cricket board made the Yo-Yo Test compulsory for selection since last year. The test involves running from one point to another in stipulated time for a fixed number of times. There is time cut-off in which you have to complete these rounds. The Yo-Yo endurance test has become a benchmark test in many of the sports.

For the first time, IPL Franchises are also adopting the strategy this year. It is learned that four out of eight teams are conducting such tests on their players. With the IPL beginning this weekend, the other teams are also likely to jump on the bandwagon which may mean some extra hours at the gym for few players.

The franchises which have already started Yo-yo tests are Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals. Mumbai Indians players were given 14.5 seconds to complete each level of the yo-yo test. The RCB players had to undergo the test as soon as they were selected in the auction and their lung powers were tested.

The other teams will also be wanting to catch up with the standard and not be left behind. Fitness will be one of the paramount factors in the IPL too.