Justin Langer Urges Australians To ‘Be Bloody Good’ Against India
By CricShots - Dec 1, 2018 10:13 am
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Currently in the Australian cricket, ‘Elite Honesty’ is one of the focus words for the players and amidst of all that, the national coach, Justin Langer has warned the cricketers to “Be bloody good,” during the upcoming four-match Test series against India.

Australian cricket team

Speaking to Fairfax Media ahead of the four-Test series against India starting December 6, Langer said, “Be bloody good, not just at being the number one team in the world, be elite in values.”

Ever since Australian cricket has faced a downfall after the year-long ball-tampering bans on Steve Smith and Davis Warner, there has been a lot of discussion on the spirit of cricket.

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Talking about Cricket Australia’s “Elite Honesty” slogan, the coach said, said: “Where we were with Australian cricket at rock bottom eight months ago with what happened in South Africa, the word ‘elite’ … we have to raise the standard. Take the word ‘elite’ out, ok, honesty is a crucial value. If we’re going to develop you’ve got to have honesty with each other, professionalism, humility, learning and your mates. They’re really important parts, not just what I believe but what I’ve seen in Australian and West Australian cricket for a very long time.”

Langer feels winning has become a “dirty” word since the damning cultural review was released by Cricket Australia.

Justin Langer

The coach further elaborated, “It’s really important how the players behave on the field. I agree 100 percent. It is very important. I said it since day one, there’s no room for abusing people in anything we do on the cricket field … You don’t abuse people. It causes trouble. In Australian cricket, we’re brought up to play really competitive cricket to try and win it. That can’t be a dirty word, it can’t be a bad thing.”

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Langer also tried to clarify that people often get confused by combining playing hard with sledging and asked his team to stick together.

Justin Langer concluded, “You have to keep digging deep, roll up our sleeves, play with that Australian spirit. People misidentify that with having a sledge, being angry. No, no, no, you just have to play with great spirit, you’ve got to play hard, learn your game, watch the ball like a hawk, be comfortable in your own skin. All those things that are what spirit is about – and sticking together. Right at this moment, we need to stick together more than ever before.”