Justin Langer on ball-tampering incident: I was shocked, sad and angry
By Sandy - Nov 2, 2018 12:43 am
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Australian head coach Justin Langer has recently claimed that the ball-tampering is an international problem and also called for making a balanced pitch to avoid this serious issue.

Justin Langer

The Cape Town Test ball-tampering incident in last March has hit very hard the Australian cricket. Due to involving in this incident, skipper Steven Smith, vice-captain David Warner and the opener Cameron Bancroft have been suspended and it has hard the Australian cricket hugely in international level. Moreover, then head coach Darren Lehmann resigned from his role despite he was cleared from any involvement charges. Still, the Australian cricket is suffering very much and it is spreading in deep too.

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In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Langer told his former national teammate Adam Gilchrist about that incident, “I can’t understand for a single second how we took sandpaper out in the field. That doesn’t make any sense to me. What I do know though is that the issue with people ball-tampering is going on internationally. That’s a real worry.”

Adam Gilchrist and Justin Langer

In some recent years, the ball-tampering incidents have occurred quite regularly in the international cricket. Talking about the reason of these kinds of incidents, Langer has pointed out the unresponsive pitches worldwide.

He told, “I think there’s a couple of issues. One is I think we need to get the pitches right around the world, so the ball does move whether it spins or swings.”

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Talking about his reaction on the Cape Town ball-tampering incident, Langer said he was shocked, sad and angry at that moment.

Justin Langer

He said, “I remember sitting on the sofa the night it happened and as an ex-player and someone who loves the Australian cricket team, I was shocked. I was sad, I was angry.”

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However, later, Langer promised that the same incident would not happen again as they have to make the country proud again.

He added, “I can promise you it won’t be happening again. We’ve got to make Australians proud. There’s no point winning and behaving poorly. I don’t think Australians respect that. We can play hard as long as we win fair.”