Mark Boucher Expresses His Happiness After The Introduction Of Tethered Bails
By CricShots - Sep 29, 2017 10:37 am
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ICC announces tethered bails in cricket

Cricket is one of those sports where the risk of injury is always there no just only with the ball but wicketkeepers have a different threat altogether. There have been a bunch keepers who had taken retirement as they nurtured career-ending injuries.

One of those wicketkeepers is Mark Boucher who had to retire untimely went on to take retirement due to an eye injury. The bails hit Boucher’s eye after they were dislodged by the ball during an international game in July of 2012. It didn’t look really serious at the time but eventually, he had o hang his boot from his cricketing career. The incident got everyone in the cricket fraternity thinking and now the International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a decision in this regards.

ICC has finally decided to use tethered bails instead of normal ones. This move comes in after several incidents like Boucher’s were recorded at different levels. The tethered bails will be tied up with the stumps and will fly only a certain length.

Boucher was very happy with the ICC’s decision as he said, “This new innovation and laws passed, will hopefully ensure that a career-ending injury like mine and a few others in the game, never happens again. Well done to the ICC! An accident like mine should serve a purpose in tightening up safety precautions and prolonging players careers without unnecessary injuries.”

During a chat with Kashmir Times, Boucher said, “I’m very happy that sense has finally prevailed. Players and in particular, wicketkeepers safety, should always be of the utmost importance.”