How Much Do they Get Paid for Dancing on Boundaries?
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017 11:16 am
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In the stadiums where Cricket is the main attraction, the Cheerleaders who sprinkle the glamour on the field has been controversial as well as enjoyed. The IPL has been the best platform for Cheerleaders to earn a loads of money. The BCCI sponsored Indian Premier League, sarcastically known as Indian Paisa League, has made cheerleaders a growing trend in sports culture.

So, how much a cheerleader earns during a match? It all depends upon the owners. If the owner is someone as enthusiastic like the Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan of Kolkata Knight Riders, the per match salary of 9000-12,000 Rupees. Apart from this, they get a bonus on win of Rupees 3000. The cheerleaders are also used on other events and ceremonies which give them another 7000 Rupees. A photo shoot with the cheerleaders pays them 5000 Rupees. On an average, a cheerleader earns approximately 18,000-25,000 per match. The KKR is the highest paying team for their cheerleaders, and there is a 10% increase in the salary each year. However, we have no clue how much they get paid to pose with Shahrukh Khan on field with his arms wide open!

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Followed by KKR, RCB is the second highest paying IPL team for the cheerleaders. And why not? They have (or rather had) an owner who publishes calendars having supermodels in the sexiest outfit. The RCB pays Rs 10000/- per match and a win bonus of 3000/- The party appearances of RCB yeilds 10000/- for the cheerleaders.

Karz toh chuka nahi sakta.. naach karne wali ladkiyon pe paisa barbaad karr raha hai!

All the other teams have somewhat close to same payout for cheerleaders which is 8000/- per match and RS 3000/- win bonus. The other event appearances give these cheerleaders Rs 6000/- to 8000/- approximately.

After the early rise of allegations on cheerleaders and after match parties, the things have cooled down over the IPL years in India. Local outfit wearing cheerleaders were tried by teams like Pune Warriors India and Kings XI Punjab, but to no great response. Cheerleaders have been since accepted as a part of the entertainment that derives through cricket in IPL.

So, seeing these payouts, why not try for cheerleader’s job? Any idle engineers.. interested?