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Tips to Win Big at Cricket Betting
Cricket is one of the most-wagered sports at online sportsbooks. Punters love to bet on the game because of its various betting markets and high winning opportunities. However, like every other sport, cricket is unpredictable, and if you want to turn a profit while wagering on this game, you need to know more than the […]
By CricShots - Sep 21, 2022
Top Sports Betting Sites in India for 2022
Sports enthusiasts always look for the best online bookmaker to place their bets with high odds, a diverse betting market, and plenty of other benefits. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when rating a sports betting website. Starting with the mobile platform, payment methods, and all the way to the diversity of betting […]
By CricShots - Sep 12, 2022
Top Mobile Apps for Cricket Betting in India
Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and there is a lot of money to be made by betting on it. In this article, we will discuss the Top Mobile Apps for Cricket Betting in India. These apps are all safe and reliable, and they offer great features and bonuses. If you […]
By CricShots - Aug 22, 2022
Jatin Sapru is new 1xBet Professional Sportsblog Ambassador
1xBet Professional Sportsblog, a well-known site in India that provides its readers with the highest quality news about cricket, football and many other sports, has announced a partnership with its new ambassador. The choice is a popular sports journalist, TV presenter and commentator Jatin Sapru, known for his work on Star Sports.   The agreement […]
By CricShots - Aug 11, 2022
Unusual Things About Cricket You Didn’t Know
For people that are watching cricket for the first time, it may seem like a boring slow-paced sport that lasts too long. But, there is a big reason why it’s the second most-watched sport in the world and why so many people around the world enjoy it. It’s not very popular in the US and […]
By CricShots - May 19, 2022
How To Become Good At Cricket?
Becoming great in any sport takes time and dedication but you can improve much faster if you know what you are doing. Cricket is the second most popular game in the world and it’s pretty easy to learn. If you already know the sport, it doesn’t take too much to understand some general rules of […]
By CricShots - May 19, 2022
Best International Cricket Teams
It’s always an honor to play for your country no matter which sport but sometimes that’s not the case and people focus more on the team. This is a common thing for basketball especially if they are in the NBA and can’t make it to the national team matches. The odds are always different when […]
By CricShots - May 19, 2022
What Are The Benefits Of Playing Cricket?
Every sports activity has its own advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for cricket. Besides having health benefits, there are other benefits you don’t think about that often. Most people that aren’t familiar with the sport won’t learn a lot by watching it so it takes a bit of knowledge if you want to […]
By CricShots - May 19, 2022
Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen thinks Gujarat Titans is a team to beat in the IPL 2022
Kevin Pietersen, the former English cricketer talks about the ongoing IPL season and the appointment of Ben Stokes at the helm of the English Test squad. Pietersen compares Gujarat Titans with Rajasthan Royals of 2008 Pietersen, while analyzing the Gujarat Titans’ excellent performance in their inaugural IPL seasons, compares them with the Rajasthan Royals of […]
By CricShots - May 18, 2022
5 Indian Players Aiming for a T20 World Cup Call Up
The IPL offers a great chance for players to put their names in front of their respective national selectors. In a World Cup year, the urge to perform well is even greater. In this year’s edition of the tournament, it’s been interesting to see some of India’s fringe players staking their claim. With less than […]
By CricShots - May 17, 2022
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