National Fitness Trainer names an Indian Cricketer an exceptional Athlete
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017 12:25 pm
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Once, he was a 19 year old youngster who broke into the team after his performances in u-19 World Cup. He soon realized that to become even close to the best, he needed to indulge himself and work on it. He already had the passion that was needed. He survived. He bettered. He became a global sensation. He is none other than Virat Kohli and he is yet again into the talks. This time, it is none other than his Royal Challengers Banglore and Indian fitness coach Shankar Basu.

“Virat has decided to become the best athlete in the world and sky is the limit. There a lot of role models ahead of him in terms of sheer athletic abilities and he will never shy away from competition. He will grab it with both hands, He is an exceptional person. To even think and act for becoming the best athlete in the world is so much determination.” Basu said.

In the T20 World Cup, Kohli admitted that he lacked the capability to hit a lot of sixes during his innings. However, shortly in the 9th edition of IPL his sixes tallied to 38, being most in the tournament. It was strength that he worked on for developing his six-hitting process. In this way, Kohli has tackled a lot of batting and fielding obstacles. He is no doubt the fittest athlete in the Indian dressing room currently, and probably on of the best athletes from India.

“There is a definite surge in his power. In September we got an assessment of his muscle mass. At the end of the season, we wanted to see if there was a change and what we noticed was his muscle mass had increased dramatically. In the last six months, he has put a lot of time in developing his strength, mass and power,” Basu elaborated Kohli’s muscle gain process.

“A lot of athletes will say that they are very lucky to find a coach, but I will instead say that Virat Kohli is an exceptional person, so I was very lucky to have an athlete like him. My association with him dates back to eight years through IPL,” Basu claims.

“I only introduced him to the right kind of strength work which was already building thanks to my predecessors. When I joined the Indian team full time, I was able to spend more quality time on a daily basis. That probably was the icing on the cake as about 90 per cent of the work was done by him and I just provided the finishing touch.” Basu said on Virat’s attitude towards fitness.

Kohli also takes care of his nutrition intake and diet keenly. He has reduced sugar and chocolate intake almost to zero and increased the protein intake. A life which is no less a stress when on-field, Kohli has always kept the high standards of his fitness which has allowed him never to miss a match due to fitness issues.

We never doubt Kohli could be one of the best athletes in the world. But now that Anushka is back in his life, lets see if Kohli loves spending hours more in the gym or more with the Bollywood beauty.