Ottis Gibson to Work with Justin Langer as Australia Mentor
By Shruti - Oct 19, 2019 4:03 pm
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After a sudden end of his stint with South Africa, where he was sacked after the World Cup, Ottis Gibson is all set to work with Justin Langer as a senior assistant and also a permanent bowling coach, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Justin Langer
Justin Langer

“He is an outstanding coach. He was head coach of West Indies, head coach of South Africa, very highly regarded. I know Ottis well – he is an outstanding person. I have spoken to Ottis a couple of times [about joining CA],” Langer said. “We are just going through that process at the moment and, hopefully, we can lock someone away soon.”

He was also there in the list to replace Trevor Bayliss in England before Chris Silverwood named the head coach. However, he has had two terms as England’s bowling coach.

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“We are looking for the right people that are going to fit. We can talk about structure, and structure is really important, but you have got to get the right people and the right people that are available. It’s a tough gig being on the road with the Australian cricket team,” Langer said.

“I know we have got to be agile and creative in this new market that we are in. We had Adam Griffith, who did a great job for us in the World Cup, and Troy Cooley did a great job for us in the Ashes and is the head coach at the centre of excellence. We have great resources – it’s just how they all help the Australian cricket team,” he said.

Langer said that he would prefer to have a mentor in the team ahead of the upcoming Pakistan series. Langer had former Australia players Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh during the Ashes as mentors but they are not involved in the upcoming series.