Reasons Why IPL 2019 May Not See A Big Success
By Sandy - Dec 3, 2018 1:51 am
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is running every year by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) since its inauguration in 2008. While it has been organised generally in April and May, gradually both the months have evolved as the long festive season in the country.

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IPL has now become one of the most successful leagues in worldwide. Recently, the New York-based finance body Duff & Phelps reported that the IPL 2018 value ($6.3 billion) has been increased to 19% from the IPL 2017 value ($5.3 billion).

On the other hand, the Guardian also recently published the latest Global Sports Salary survey where IPL is on the leading position on the basis of earning per match in a tournament.

Despite these amazing factors, IPL 2019 may face a big decline in their strong global position and become lesser successful for some important and non-ignorable factors. Here are those top three reasons why the IPL 2019 may not see a huge success.

1. Many important foreign cricketers are expected to miss the tournament

IPL has evolved as one of the top-most successful worldwide tournaments due to the huge involvement of top-class international players, both Indian and foreigners. However, while the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup will begin very soon after the completion of the IPL 2019, many international cricketers will prefer for their important rest rather than playing the IPL tournament.

Moreover, nowadays, most of the international cricket boards organise a special camp before the big tournaments to get prepare for it. Generally, these camps are must for everyone to attend as these have usually one main focus to make the strong team bonding.

Many international cricket teams are planning to start their World Cup preparation from early May, while the 2019 ICC CWC will begin from May 30. So, many foreign cricketers are going to miss the entire IPL 2019 for their international commitments while some will miss almost half of the tournament.

Though almost in every year, some foreign starts miss the IPL season, entirely or the halfway, due to their international commitments and some fitness issues, the IPL 2019 can observe it widely due to the special preparation for 2019 ICC CWC.  

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