Rishabh Pant Didn’t Get A Boundary Despite Edging The Ball
By CricShots - Mar 26, 2021 7:11 pm
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Rules of the game of cricket are as complicated as they can get that’s why they create confusion among the viewers. The umpire’s call in DRS and the soft signal have already become the talk of the town in recent time and once again, during the second ODI between India and England, another baffling rule in the sport left the fans confused. The incident happened on the last ball of the 40th over when Tom Curran was bowling involving Rishabh Pant, who was attempting his reverse scoop.

rishabh pant
Rishabh Pant scored a fifty

Curran had delivered a full-length ball and the southpaw missed the ball. In real-time, it seemed as if the ball crashed onto his pad and sneaked past the leg-stump for a boundary. England players and even the umpire also felt the same as the latter acknowledged the appeal and ave it out. However, replays confirmed that the ball never hit Rishabh Pant‘s pad and it had actually hit the bat. As the batsman had opted for DRS, the on-field decision was overturned.

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However, there was confusion regarding the decision as though Pant was given not-out but India was not awarded four runs as the ball had only taken the bat’s edge before racing towards the boundary. The fans weren’t sure why the umpire didn’t signal a four on that occasion. The fact is, the umpires are not at fault at all because the rule states that, if a batsman is given out leg before, the ball at that moment becomes dead even if the decision is overturned later.

rishabh pant
Rishabh Pant playing the scoop

Once the batsman is given out, it doesn’t matter what happened later on. In this case, the umpire had adjudged Rishabh Pant out after which the ball reached the boundary. Hence, the moment he was given out, it didn’t matter where did the ball go or if the batsman ran a single or a couple. In the end, Pant had smashed 77 off 40 balls before getting out in the 47th over.

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The rule has been confusing for many and certainly, four valuable runs were denied to the team and it could be highlighted more if a team wins or loses by four runs in the future or like it happened with the boundary count rule, in a World Cup final.