Rohit Sharma asks for the journalist who spreads fake news about Yuzvendra Chahal & his wife’s relationship
By SMCS - Aug 28, 2022 11:20 am
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Team India are all set to take on Pakistan in their first march of Asia Cup on Sunday, August 28. However, after one of the practice sessions ahead of the match, Captain Rohit Sharma went to the journalists and asked why did they spread fake news regarding Yuzvendra Chahal & his wife.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma and Yuzvendra Chahal

This incident happened after the recent rumours of the separation of Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree Verma made headlines.  However, both Dhanashree and Chahal have cleared that and said that wasn’t true. Both of them took to Instagram to clear things. “A humble request to you all to not believe in any sort of rumours pertaining to our relationship. Kindly, put an end to it. Love and light to everyone,” Chahal wrote on his Instagram Story. Dhanashree also wrote that and shared on social media as well.

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And, after the practice session of Team India in Dubai on Friday, Rohit Sharma asked the journalists present there about the one who started the rumours regarding Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree about their separation as well. Rohit said he had seen one of the journalist’s posts regarding it on Twitter also. As Rohit shared this, one of the reporters presents there has also revealed that the person who did that is standing among them as well. However, the reporter didn’t give the name as the person might get into trouble

Although, after some time, when Rohit Sharma kept on asking for a name, the journalist exposed the one as well. The one who did this said that he didn’t write anything related to the personal life of Chahal. He said that he just wrote “is everything alright?” to know if things were okay.

It will be interesting to see how Team India will perform against Pakistan in their campaign opener as well.