Secret Behind the Two Colored Shoes Cricketers and their new trends!
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017 11:24 am
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Have you noticed that Cricketers were using two different colored shoes while they took the field during IPL?

So what is this that is making cricketers use these odd combinations like neon yellow and pink on their shoes? Is it a new fashion statement? Yes it is! Cricket, especially during IPL is a branding event. Cricketers are looked up to by youngsters and their style quotient matters as much as that of Sonam Kapoor (Does Sonam Kapoor have a fashion sense? Ummm.. I doubt!). An IPL match is just like a blockbuster, say like a Captain America Civil War, having their heroes split into teams in different gears. Everyone chooses their team and then follow them throughout the tournament. This makes the appearance of a Cricketer valuable for fans and a source of cash earning for the different brands.

The leading sports brand Puma came up with this new series PUMA TRICKS range. It was recently launched by Yuvraj Singh at a Puma store in Mumbai. This trend has been there in football since a while and the first time that cricket has implemented it. Puma is always known for their out of the box thinking that attracts the sporting fraternity, and this is no different. The brand who brought the first ever colored jersey in Cricket, has thrown a new dice in the sports-fashion world with the PUMA TRICKS range. The catchy advertisements and social media promotion has made Tricks not only acceptable but also lovable.

And when it is none other than Yuvraj Singh into the groove holding those two colored shoes with a classy-sporty attitude on Puma’s posters, who isn’t going to stare a bit longer than normal at that personality as well as shoes!

“This year we have a completely mismatched pair of Pink and Yellow shoes. Cricket and football are both widely followed and loved sports in India and through our trendy Tricks collection we are creating a platform to strongly engage with consumers and sports enthusiasts.” said MD of PUMA India, Abhishek Ganguly at the launch.

Apart from Yuvraj Singh, cricketers like AB deVilliers, Suniel Narine, Brendon McCullum, Robin Uthappa, Dwayne Smith, Mitchell Marsh and others have been using the Tricks collection to up the fashion quotient on the cricket pitch with their gear in the IPL. This has glamoured the Cricketing fashion yet again, and the youths are talking about this new style statement. On the field, when the thrashing shots and electric fielding efforts take place, the Puma Tricks range stands out on the player making him easily identifiable and also stylish.

With the tag line ‘forever faster’ & ‘play loud’ for Tricks range, Puma has made a statement about their superior products that deliver the best, may it be a Cricketer or any customer. Puma is yet again setting the trend, even with odd combinations! Its got the funkiness to it, but it has the sophisticated branding and some huge brand ambassadors. The sales of Puma are surely going up.