Shahid Afridi wants Indian cricketers in PSL
By Sandy - Mar 24, 2018 8:26 am
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Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi wishes to see Indian cricketers in the future Pakistan Super League (PSL). While the cricket clashes between India and Pakistan has mostly interrupted (except in the major tournaments) at present, Afridi believes PSL can re-join the India and Pakistan cricketers.

Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistani entertaining all-rounder Shahid Afridi has great relations with the Indian cricketers. Despite he knows that Indian cricketers don’t play the foreign leagues, Afridi believes that they should at least invite the Indian cricketers for the next edition of the PSL.

Speaking about that, Afridi said, “But we should at least try to invite them for the PSL. I know it is difficult that they will come as they only play in the Indian Premier League. But we should invite them for the next edition of the PSL.”

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Since 2008, India has never travelled in Pakistan to play cricket. After the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in 2009, Pakistan’s home cricket has hugely suffered. After the long six years of no international cricket matches, Zimbabwe had a successful tour in Pakistan for the limited-overs series in 2015. Later, in the last year, Sri Lanka and World XI had the short successful tour in Pakistan for T20I cricket.

PSL is trying to bring back the regular cricket on Pakistan soil. After successfully organizing the PSL 2017 final, they have organised total three matches on the Pakistan soil in PSL 2018.

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PSL franchises have shown interest to include more matches on the Pakistan soil in future PSL. However, some foreign cricketers have refused to travel in Pakistan during the PSL 2018.

Recently, former Pakistan wicketkeeper Moin Khan lashed out of the foreign PSL cricketers who have refused to travel in Pakistan. He had said, “I blame the Pakistan Cricket Board for this sad situation. I know the board will not like my comments. But in future, only those overseas players should be included in the player draft who commit to also play in Pakistan if required by their franchises.”

After mentioning the PSL organizing in Pakistan is a very big step forward, Afridi has the similar voice of Moin Khan as he quoted, “It is a very big step forward but I also believe that in future only those foreign players should be invited for the PSL who agree to also come and play in Pakistan when required.”

Afridi also added that successfully organizing PSL matches in Pakistan will send a big message to the world cricket. He said, “Holding PSL matches in Lahore and Karachi will send a positive message to the world. The message that security is excellent in Pakistan needs to be conveyed.”