Shreyas Iyer’s Controversial Recall After Sean Abbott’s Catch: Umpiring Drama Unfolds
By CricShots - Sep 24, 2023 5:46 pm
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During the second ODI clash between India and Australia in Indore, an intriguing and somewhat puzzling incident unfolded on the cricket field. Shreyas Iyer, who was displaying a brilliant batting performance and had just reached a well-deserved century, found himself in the middle of an umpiring confusion.

Sean Abbott
Sean Abbott failed to complete the catch

This unusual scene occurred in the 31st over when Australian bowler Sean Abbott delivered the third ball of the over to Iyer. Despite his splendid century, Iyer misjudged the delivery’s timing and failed to connect properly. The ball took the upper edge of his bat and flew towards the bowler.

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In a remarkable display of athleticism, Abbott managed to leap into the air and take an exceptional catch with his right hand. Iyer, acknowledging his dismissal, started to make his way back to the pavilion, raising his bat and acknowledging the crowd. However, his journey was halted abruptly.

Replays were consulted regarding Iyer’s dismissal, and the third umpire closely scrutinized the footage. It was evident that when Abbott had leaped to take the catch and subsequently fell to the ground, his hand made contact with the turf. The umpire had to review the replays multiple times to arrive at a decision.


After careful examination, it was confirmed that the ball had touched the ground while in Abbott’s hand, leading to the conclusion that Iyer was not out.

According to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) rules governing catches, a catch must be clean. This implies that the fielder must maintain control of the ball after taking the catch, and if the ball touches the ground at any point during the process, the batsman is not declared out.

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In accordance with MCC Law 33.3, the act of catching commences when the ball first makes contact with the fielder and concludes when the fielder regains complete control of both the ball and its speed. In simpler terms, in Iyer’s case, it was not a clean catch as the ball had made contact with the ground while in Abbott’s hand. Consequently, Iyer was reinstated to continue his innings. However, his stay at the crease was brief, as he was dismissed after scoring a four on the next ball, concluding a remarkable partnership of 200 runs.