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Some Of The Positive Impacts Of Online Sports Betting Industry
By CricShots - Feb 25, 2021 7:56 am
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Sports betting has managed to attract millions of sports fans eager to support their favorite teams and players. It can be termed as the fastest-growing segment in sports entertainment. Online betting websites have become very influential in the world of sports. They have realized their power in making a positive impact in the community. As a part of good news for the bettors, they can be relieved after knowing that some parts of the betting amount will go towards buying a training kit for a kid, or some other positive action.

sports betting
SPorts betting companies provide sponsorships

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Problem gambling is a growing menace troubling a number of sports betting fans. Some negative impacts of problem gambling include family financial problems, mental health issues, and family breakdowns. Sports betting brands are trying are coming up with plans to fight gambling problems with different programs promoting responsible gambling. A good example is the Kindred Group which runs the betting brand Unibet.

They have a Player Sustainability program that has launched activities in various nations which promote responsible gambling. The Kindred Group has launched a Gambling Therapy app for the audiences of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The app is available in 10 languages. It provides gamblers with useful tools and information to help them battle compulsive gambling.

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The company has also launched a responsible gambling campaign in Belgium in which they will be helping the players in their money management. Players can also set alerts to help them know when they are spending too much time gambling. They can also set up time-outs that log them out of their accounts. Users can also set not to see some games, and to block logging in at specific hours.

Promoting Sports Development

william hill
William Hill project Africa

Sports betting companies have supported sports development in countries that lack facilities. A good example is the William Hill Foundation’s Project Africa, as they are aiming to develop learning facilities in Kenya and Nigeria. The project puts William Hill staff on the ground to understand the challenges facing children’s education in rural communities and they have also been raising funds for making learning facilities feasible.

William Hill is also involved in developing college sports. One of their most notable programs is a partnership with the University of Nevada. They have partnered with the college’s sports department to improve the institution’s training facilities and develop the sports education curriculum.

Sports Teams Sponsorships

Sports betting companies have become big sponsors of teams in different sports and they spend billions of dollars when counting in Europe and US sponsorship deals. Almost half the teams in the English Premier League are sponsored by sports betting companies. In India, 7 of the 11  Indian Super League teams have a betting company sponsor. The Sponsorship revenue is used to pay the salaries of technical staff and players. They have to spend money attracting new players. Access to good training equipment and resources also requires a lot of money.

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Sponsorships deals have been very useful for sports franchises around the world during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. Without gate ticket revenues, many sports teams were finding it difficult to sustain. However, the sponsorship deals have kept  most of the teams operational and prevented their total collapse. In some countries, betting companies are keeping whole sports leagues running. A good example is BetKing’s sponsorship of the Kenya Premier League.

The league was in danger of shutting down until the betting company stepped in with a Kes. 1.2 billion ($11 million) sponsorship deal for five years. Sports betting is having a positive impact in different ways in the community. The need to maintain good public relations will keep these positive programs expanding for deeper impact.