What Is The Future of Sports Betting Industry In India?
There is no denying the fact that the sports betting industry has been growing multi-folds in the global market. It’s becoming more popular with every passing year and it is still expected to grow in the coming years. The entire sports betting market was able to reach a whopping value of over 203 billion USD […]
By CricShots - Jul 1, 2021
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Betting Software Requirements For The Rise Of Betting Industry In India
As per the recent reports in 2019, the global online gambling market witnessed a valuation of $53.7 billion and the number has only increased over the last year or so. However, there is no denying the fact, India has played an important role in enhancing the betting industry globally. One can even say that sports […]
By CricShots - Jun 28, 2021
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The Present And The Future Of the Sports Betting Laws In India
There is no denying the fact that the market for sports betting is huge in India because of the diverse population. Part of the population has a very liberal worldview, while another part remains very conservative. Therefore, the population is often incredibly divided on key issues such as gambling and whether or not betting should […]
By CricShots - Mar 13, 2021
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Impacts Of The Lockdown In 2020 On The Sports Betting Industry
Around one in six sports bettors was attracted to a new form of sports betting during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, and one in three placed bets more frequently, according to a new study done by the experts from the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling. They managed to find a pattern in the gambling behaviors of […]
By CricShots - Mar 12, 2021
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An Analysis Of Top Sports Betting Websites Operating In India
Sports betting in India has been witnessing exponential growth in recent times. Many sports betting websites are the best in the business right now, and Betway is one of them, with many other websites that offer the sports betting category. Many sports betting websites have following loyal fans because of the fact that they offer […]
By CricShots - Mar 9, 2021
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Why KYC Is The Basic Requirement For Sports Betting In India?
The sports betting market in India has been witnessing an exponential pace, despite being largely unregulated and operating under a deemed ‘illegal’ status. The uncertainty around the Indian Gambling Laws has not made things clearer for the bettors as they have been taking advantage of this lack of clarity. Even though sports betting is considered […]
By CricShots - Mar 3, 2021
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Google Approves Sports Betting Apps On Playstore But Not In India
Over the years, the Google Play store has been rejecting the most real-money betting apps, but this year, they’ve decided to approve several casinos and sports betting site apps around the world, but not in India. Currently, most cell phone company app stores in India have banned gambling and sports betting apps in accordance with […]
By CricShots - Feb 27, 2021
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Some Of The Positive Impacts Of Online Sports Betting Industry
Sports betting has managed to attract millions of sports fans eager to support their favorite teams and players. It can be termed as the fastest-growing segment in sports entertainment. Online betting websites have become very influential in the world of sports. They have realized their power in making a positive impact in the community. As […]
By CricShots - Feb 25, 2021
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Effects Of Covid-19 On The Sports Betting Industry In India
The sports betting industry suffered a huge impact during the COVID-19 pandemic as a lot of sports leagues were shut down. A few of them are coming back, but there are too many uncertainties over some leagues and locations. But with the commencement of sports around the world, it’s some good news for the people, […]
By CricShots - Feb 24, 2021
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Causes And Effects Of Legalizing Sports Betting In India
The concept of gambling hasn’t been a new one for the Indian audience. Whether it is playing card games during Diwali to appease the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi, or putting money in IPL online betting, the appetite for gambling – sports and casino games, is big among the Indians, and players enjoy betting on the […]
By CricShots - Feb 21, 2021
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