IPL 2017
This superstar all-rounder feels MSD is like a Bollywood Hero and Smith, like a Villain.
By CricShots - Apr 27, 2017 3:33 pm
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International Cricket, be it a bilateral series, or be it even a money-spinning T20 league like the IPL, is serious business. Players always play under tremendous pressure and frequently under the watchful eyes of experts and unapologetic fans. Expectations are mostly unreasonable, especially if you’re of those Indian Cricketers, most of whom are followed with religious fervour.

However, even Cricketers do seek breaks and take them in the middle of a high pressure tournament, just to destress and rejuvenate themselves after being in the middle of a high-pressure situations during a game. Rising Pune Supergiant, the Sanjiv Goenka-owned Pune based franchise, have had a topsy-turvy performance so far. Whenever they have performed, they have performed like champions, yet, whenever they’ve failed, they have looked like an ordinary unit. Thus, the pressure on them has been immense every time the have stepped into play.

Ben Stokes, bought by the franchise for a whopping Rs. 14.5 Crores after his impressive performance during the England – India Series, has been watched closely and has thus been under pressure to perform; and so is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, easily the most scrutinised player after the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.

To destress themselves and to divert attention from the cash-rich league, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ajinkya Rahane and Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently made a video, purely for fun, where each one of them were asked a few questions and they had to pick up the cut outs of RPS’s players’s faces as a reply to those questions.

Upon being asked who from the Team would make a great Bollywood Hero and a Bollywood Villain, Ben Stokes was quick to pick his choices: MSD, Stokes thought, would make a great Bollywood Hero whereas Steven Smith, the superstar English all-rounder felt, would make a great Villain in a Bollywood movie. He even said further, jokingly, that Indian Cricket Fans would definitely agree to his claim that Smith would make a great villain, post the intensely fought India vs Australia series.

It was relishing to watch the superstar Cricketers make fun of each other on a lighter note, and bond. Incidents like this make us remember how Cricket is what it is in spite of how intensely and seriously it is played on the field – a pure gentleman’s game!

The Video goes as follows :