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Tips to Win Big at Cricket Betting
By CricShots - Sep 21, 2022 9:27 pm
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Cricket is one of the most-wagered sports at online sportsbooks. Punters love to bet on the game because of its various betting markets and high winning opportunities. However, like every other sport, cricket is unpredictable, and if you want to turn a profit while wagering on this game, you need to know more than the next bettor. From adopting cricket strategies at Cricket Betting Advice to choosing the perfect wagering moment, here are 5 tips to win consistently while betting on cricket.

Select the Best Cricket Betting Site

The platform you choose to place your cricket bets can have a lot of impact on your gambling experience. First, ensure that the site you sign up with is licensed by reputable authorities and upholds fair play. The best cricket betting sites also offer a wide range of cricket markets and events to wager on like the Indian Premier League, ICC Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup and more. Other features that should be available at a top-notch cricket site include great odds, regular bonuses, on-site security, fast and secure payment options, etc. 

Research the Teams

You must have done your homework or research extensively before wagering on a particular team to win. You need to look at the team’s past match statistics; how many games have they won? How did they play in their last match? Are they on a winning or losing streak? Your research should also include the participating players and the pitch they will be playing on. The last two factors can affect the outcome of your prop bets, especially when you wager on a player to be the top runscorer or wicket-taker. Compare the head-to-head stats of the two teams, and let these facts decide how you place your bets.

Wager on Less Popular Cricket Betting Markets

There are a good number of cricket betting markets. While some are less obvious, they can give you great wins. You shouldn’t stick to placing moneyline bets alone. Sometimes it is hard to predict which team is likely to emerge the winner in a test match. However, from your research, you can determine the best batsman in the match and wager on the individual to finish the event with the most runs.

Bet with Reason, Not Emotions

Always separate emotions from facts when wagering on any sport, including cricket. If you have a favorite cricket team, you might be hoping that this team will win all its matches. While this is quite impossible, you may be influenced by your love for the team to wager them to win on their every game. This can only result to a streak of losses. Your money is at risk, so be realistic with your bets. Let the stats be the judge.

Pick the Best Betting Moment

Cricket odds aren’t always fixed. Depending on the event involved, sometimes it’s good to wager on a cricket game long before it gets played. For instance, the highest odds for a team to win the Indian Premier League title or Asia Cup are always at the beginning of the events. You can also get high odds when you wager on live matches.