Top 5 fights with the umpires
By B Dixit - Oct 3, 2017 10:05 am
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However unfortunate it might sound, there are several instances of cricketers fighting or arguing with the umpires on the cricket field. Despite the powers of a match referee, at times, there seems no end to these scenes.

On the odd occasion, players get carried away with the happening of the match and spill out their emotions on the umpire. Such acts should be avoided in the gentleman’s game as they do not send a written message to the audience.

Players often refer to an umpire committing an error and cite this as a reason as to why they indulge in such an argument. What they should never forget is that at the end of the day, umpires are also humans and are bound to commit errors or make mistakes.

Despite the advent of technology, there is no guarantee that all the decisions taken by umpires will be 100% accurate. Players should understand that it is a part of the game and they should learn to move on with the game, notwithstanding the outcome.

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