Virat Kohli Reveals The Worst Injury Of His Career
By CricShots - Apr 3, 2020 5:48 pm
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The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli has said he likes to give his 120 percent every single delivery he plays on the cricket field and that he will quit the sport the day he stops feeling this way. During an Instagram live chat with former England cricketer, Kevin Pietersen, Virat said it’s important for him to enjoy the game even when he is leading the Indian team. 

Kevin Pietersen and Virat Kohli

Kohli’s response came after Pietersen narrated a discussion he had with MS Dhoni from the past. Pietersen said Dhoni was interested to see if Kohli would manage to carryforwards the same energy level and excitement as he took on the mantle of leadership.

Pietersen said, “I was running on a treadmill, don’t know where it was, and MS (Dhoni) came next to me and jumped on the treadmill next to me. We started talking about you and your leadership. One of the things he said would interest him was whether or not you would be able to maintain the same energy, excitement, aggressive leadership on the field.”

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Replying to the same, Virat said, You can ask MS that as well. When I played under MS Dhoni, I was in his ears every over. ‘Maybe we can do this, maybe we can do that’. I would run from long on to long-off. I needed to be in the right place. I need to be able to enjoy the game first, even now when, I’m the captain.”

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni

He further added, “I will give 120 percent every ball. I can’t play any other way. I’ve made a promise to myself, the day I don’t feel like playing like this way I will quit. My bowlers tell me you celebrate more than us when we take a wicket. I just can’t help it.”

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Virat is one of the fittest players on the international circuit, but, during the conversation, he revealed the issue which turned him a vegan. He dealt with the issue of the cervical spine while playing a Test match in 2018 and he said it hurt him like anything. He could barely feel his little finger and after a few tests, Kohli found out that his body was too acidic.

Virat Kohli got injured during South Africa tour

Explaining the situation further to Pietersen, Kohli said this was the reason he turned a vegan. He said, “In 2018 when we went to South Africa, I got a cervical spine issue while playing a test match. It compressed a nerve that was running straight till my little finger of my right hand. It gave me a tingling sensation and I could barely feel my little finger. I could not sleep at night and it was hurting like mad.”

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The Indian skipper further elaborated, “Then I got my tests done and my stomach was too acidic as it was creating too much uric acid. Even though I was taking calcium, magnesium, everything but one tablet was not sufficient for my body to function properly. So, my stomach started pulling calcium from my bones and my bones got weaker. That is why I stopped eating meat completely in the middle of England tour to cut down the uric acid and I have never felt better in my life, to be honest.”