What Made Rishabh Pant Drive Alone From Delhi To Roorkee?
By CricShots - Dec 31, 2022 1:38 pm
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The young Indian wicket-keeper batter, Rishabh Pant got involved in a car crash the victim of road accident in the early hours of Friday. He suffered serious injuries in the accident but is in stable condition now. This accident took place in the Mohammadpur Jat area near Roorkee and he was immediately taken to a hospital in Roorkee.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant’s car

Pharmacist Monu Kumar of the 108 ambulances, in which Rishabh Pant was taken to the hospital from the spot, spoke to According to the reports of Aajtak, Pharmacist Monu Kumar revealed that the ambulance reached the spot around 5:40 am on Friday. By then, a bus driver passing by had taken Rishabh out of the flaring vehicle.

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After that, he immediately put Rishabh on a stretcher and called an ambulance. Rishabh was hurt in the eye, and bleeding from the nose, his back had abrasions, and there was also an injury to his leg.  During this time, when Monu asked the patient his name, Rishabh told the pharmacist that he is Rishabh Pant, a player of the Indian cricket team.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant was treated well at the hospital

After that, Rishabh told the pharmacist, “Brother, I am in a lot of pain, first give me some pain injection”. Monu took permission from 108 and gave him a pain injection. Rishabh then asked Monu to take him to a good private hospital.

Monu Kumar took him to Roorkee’s Saksham Hospital, which was about 10-12 kilometers away from the place where the accident took place. When Rishabh was asked in the ambulance how the accident happened, he said that he does not remember what happened. Slept off, then later saw the car surrounded by fire. 

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At the same time, while being taken to the hospital, Rishabh Pant was asked why he was driving the car himself? To this, Rishabh replied that he never gets a chance to drive alone, so he took the car out to drive to his family home in Roorkee from Delhi. The southpaw was asked who could be called in his family. To this, he said that I do not remember anyone’s number except my mother’s. The number he told me was switched off at that time. Later, his family was informed when the police arrived.