CoA chief Vinod Rai not happy on BCCI’s day-night Test implementation process
By Sandy - Feb 23, 2018 9:42 am
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Vinod Rai, the Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrations (CoA) chief, is not happy with the BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary’s recent work on organising processes of day-night Test and marked their work as “cavalier way of taking policy decisions”.

Vinod Rai

The BCCI is planning to organise a day-night Test in this October when Windies will tour the country. To implement this form of Test, BCCI acting secretary had consulted with the Indian head coach Ravi Shastri over the phone and email.

Through an email that was accessed by The Indian Express, Rai raised a question that why the decision was taken without consulting him, other CoA member and office bearers. Rai further added that to notify the message to the Indian head coach as he doesn’t have the email id of Indian head coach.

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Rai also added that he felt amazed by the process through which the board members took the policy decision.

In that email, Rai wrote, “Even if it be cricket of which all of you certainly have greater knowledge than me (I am excluding Diana who has greater knowledge than all of you!), I represent the viewing population. They are your greatest stakeholder. Don’t you think you need to factor them in?”

Rai wrote that email after Choudhary had discussed with Ravi Shastri to pointing out on the issues which they are facing to bring out more spectators on the field during the home Test.

Amitabh Choudhary

In that email, Choudhary wrote, “This was not the first challenge being faced by cricket and we had agreed that the game at international level had been facing continued challenges as it evolved, with every challenge being met successfully through innovations just as we may need to deal with the current one. This led our discussion to the natural option of day-night test matches.”

Choudhary also added, “As should only be natural, a consensus needs to be built around this view and I would be grateful to you if you could confirm the same so that I could take it further with the national selectors and other stakeholders.”

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Ravi Shastri replied to that email by writing, “I firmly believe for Test cricket to survive in India the venues must be chosen smartly. Above all, Tier two cities must be used for tier two teams without compromise.”

“As far as day-night cricket goes it can be tried out as an experiment with a game starting at 12 and where the last session is played under lights. It will be interesting to see how much part dew will play. Again against a team like the West Indies, it has to be played in a tier 2 city without a doubt. To get in the crowds it doesn’t matter if it’s a day game or day-night game. What (is) important is 2 tier city.”

Ravi Shastri

On this regards, Rai wrote in his email that how the day-night Test can be implemented. Rai wrote, “The issue is placed on hold. It does not go out of cricket centre_till: 1. We work out a whole process with venue thrown in _ exact timing incl. security arrangement over five days in the same venue and the cost of the same to BCCI/State Assn. We then consult the guest team. We need to factor in their viewpoints. 3. Ravi may have been consulted but I would like to consult the players whose body clock over five consecutive days will have to get accustomed to a new timing. 4. Also, factor in the administrative set up who will be doing the regimen for five days-late nights and all.”