Gayle’s look into Mallya’s Mansion
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017 2:22 pm
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Just like his sixes that make you watch it till the end of the globe, Chris Gayle’s autobiography has been no different than the excitement of his sixes. The ‘Six Machine’ has yet another story unfolding through its pages which sparkles the eyes of readers with that sound “Ting!!”

The West Indian batsman has been an integral part of the Royal Challengers Banglore team since 2011 season which was owned by Vijay Mallya untill he resigned last year. But till the time Mallya was owner, Gayle got a chance to live in Vijay Mallya’s mansion situated in Goa. A five-day break between two matches during IPL and Gayle was quite keen to go there though his teammates weren’t. Gayle had heard a lot about the Villa from RCB’S team manager George Avinash.. So, Gayle just decided to visit the place all alone. Off to Goa! Yeah Baby!

It’s bigger than most hotels. It’s cooler than any house I’ve ever seen,” writes Gayle. Speaking elaborately, he says, “It’s James Bond, it’s Playboy Mansion, it’s the land of plenty in white concrete and glass. I’m trying not to stare, but there’s so much to stare at that there’s only room in my mind for one thought: ‘Chris, this gonna be interesting…’

Gayle describes the different swimming pools, lush green lawns and the services of butlers on the villa. And also beer.. how can we forget beer. Gayle writes in his book,” I go back in the pool with a Kingfisher beer and then I stay in the pool and the Kingfisher beers keep coming, which makes sense because the one place they’re not going to run out of Kingfisher beers is in the Kingfisher villa.”

Gayle got a chance to go into the villa’s private movie theatre and into the garage, which had so many cars, a Mercedes so big he couldn’t even work out what it is. “But it’s not the cars that catch my eye, it’s this big bike, three-wheeler, Harley-Davidson.”

“I’ve never ridden a motorbike before. I’ve never seen a motorbike with three wheels. But one of the butlers shows me how to drive it, and I start riding it up and down the driveway, which because this is the Kingfisher villa is the size of a racetrack. Brrrrm! I feel like the Terminator!!” Gayle adds to the excitement over the bike.

The book tells us that each morning, when Gayle woke up, the butler asked him what he wanted, and they would get it for him. May it be any delicacies around the world or any vehicle that could be traveled.

“Would sir like to ride an elephant?’’ asked a butler one morning. And even Gayle was surprised to this “You got an elephant here?”

There wasn’t any, but as it was a request from Mallya’s special guest, an elephant ride was arranged for Gayle. Now thats two gigantic an affair all together.



Gayle has claimed that he was in no mood to leave the Villa which was a world in itself, but had to. May be the reason why Gayle enjoyed it was because by then, he had no idea how much loan has Mallya got on his shoulders. Just imagine if that villa could be sold, the amount generated might just lower the debts of Mallya.

But well.. yeah.. rich swaggers don’t do this stuff!
They just fly out of the country with lenders scratching their heads!