Sachin Tendulkar
Watch – Sadhguru Decodes Reasons Behind Sachin Tendulkar’s Success
Spiritual speaker Jaggi Vasudev, aka Sadhguru, revealed the reasons behind Sachin Tendulkar’s success on the cricketing field. He said Sachin’s religion and sacred stuff are the reasons behind his immense success while playing cricket. India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar served the nation for 24 years and remained at the peak of the cricketing world for […]
By Aditya Pratap - Jun 4, 2021
Umesh Yadav – The Indian spearhead.
How often have we seen an Indian fast bowler make significant giant strides after a couple of years of relentless international Cricket, contrary to the general Indian pattern where a fast bowler starts waning just a couple of years after the debut, exceptional talents like Zaheer Khan being an exception to this general rule; and […]
By CricShots - Mar 25, 2017
Gayle’s look into Mallya’s Mansion
Just like his sixes that make you watch it till the end of the globe, Chris Gayle’s autobiography has been no different than the excitement of his sixes. The ‘Six Machine’ has yet another story unfolding through its pages which sparkles the eyes of readers with that sound “Ting!!” The West Indian batsman has been […]
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017
Homesickness to the Home Advantage
One of the very common term used in the Cricket world is the home advantage. It is one of the biggest factor that plays a role in a team’s performance. Indian sub-continental teams depend heavily on spinner friendly humid conditions that can also provide reverse swing to their pace bowlers later on. The damp, cold, […]
By CricShots - Mar 22, 2017
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