IPL 2018: “Har Logo Kuch Kahta Hai”
By P - Apr 4, 2018 10:17 am
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IPL is the month-long festival of India’s biggest sporting religion. As is the case of with most religions, the religion of cricket is also divided into many different communities with each having a god of its own. In case of the IPL, the communities are nothing but the teams for whom you are ready to argue with anyone and everyone in this world.

IPL opening cermony

A team identity is made up of many different factors. Its team owner, its icon player, the captain, the leading players, the city that it represents, the color of its jersey and the legion of followers that it boasts on the social media platforms are the few key factors. Once you adopt a team you must pledge your whole allegiance to the cause.

When it comes to supporting the team, the primary symbol that you should tattoo on your favored body part is its team logo. The team logos give a primary insight into what the team is about and what it thinks of itself. Let’s take a detailed look at each team’s logo so you can be better prepared before taking the joining oath.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders

The Kolkata-based franchise initially began with a logo that had a fire-blazing cricket helmet alongside the team name. The color theme then was black and gold. After identifying the color scheme as the primary reason for the failure, the team management turned to the magical purple color and eureka! it worked. KKR became the  IPL Champions, twice!

The logo imagery changed too. They now have a warrior ‘knight’ whose helmet is (again) on fire. The team name is placed on a shield. The color theme now is Purple and Gold.

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians had God in their side when they began their IPL journey so it was obvious for them to have the disc of God in their logo. The gear-like shape in the logo resembles ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ which is possessed by Hindu Gods Vishnu and Krishna. Sachin is yet to be sighted with the same.

The chakra interestingly has 11 spikes which represent the 11 players that will be taking the field. Indian flag colors – orange-white-green emphasize the word ‘Indians’ in the logo.

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