Jonathan Trott Reveals Ambitious Plans For Afghanistan In World Cup 2023
By CricShots - Oct 31, 2023 5:30 pm
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Afghanistan’s World Cup campaign is turning heads and gaining momentum with their remarkable victories. The team has already defeated three former World Cup champions, which has put them in a great position. Head coach Jonathan Trott is quite pleased with his team’s performance and is now setting new targets for their batting lineup, which has been in great form. The next challenge for the Afghan cricketers is to score a century in the ongoing tournament.

Afghanistan team
Afghanistan team 

“Nobody has got a hundred so far yet, so that’s the next challenge. Someone accepts responsibility and batting for a longer period and make sure we get a hundred,” Jonathan Trott was quoted as saying by Sportstar.

Trott expressed his optimism about his team’s capabilities, noting that several players have a history of scoring centuries. He specifically mentioned the middle-order batters as key players who can rise to the occasion and break through this new barrier. Trott firmly believes that the team’s batters have what it takes to achieve this feat soon.

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“You see, a lot of hundreds are scored in the tournament. That’s the next frontier, the next barrier. Gurbaz has scored a few hundreds recently, you know Ibrahim has. The middle order is in form, 3-4-5-6, as well. That’s the next challenge and I have got no doubt that the players will be able to in the future. Hopefully it starts with the next game,” he added.

Jonathan Trott
Jonathan Trott

The Afghan batting unit has displayed exceptional consistency in chasing targets. Trott revealed that the team uses a unique approach of breaking down the target on a whiteboard in the dugout. This tactic aims to reduce the pressure of a chase by providing smaller, more manageable targets during the game. Trott emphasized the importance of keeping the players motivated and focused on their ultimate goal, which serves as a morale booster when they know they are on the right track.

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“If you break it down, that seems a lot more manageable, so those sort of little things, motivating the players and keeping them in touch with where we want to be, And that’s also a feel-good fact if you know you are on the right track, it’s also a nice feeling as well,” he concluded.