Kiran More Reveals How his Achievements go Unnoticed due to Miandad
By CricShotsStaff - Jun 6, 2020 6:15 pm
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Former India international Kiran More had a well-known presence behind the stumps. Featuring for the national team between 1984 and 1993, he is amongst one of the most successful wicketkeepers from India.

Kiran More

Irrespective of his impressive record behind the stumps for India, he is rather known for one famous incident.  He is vastly remembered for the infamous Miandad run-in in 1992.

An India-Pakistan match is a high octane game as the fierce rivals try to one-up each other. With language not a barrier amongst the 2 neighboring countries, sledging is a given.  Back in 1992, More was given the wicket-keeping responsibilities for India. More, joined in the chatter from behind the stumps towards the Pakistani batsman. It escalated to a level where the Pakistan player started doing ‘bunny jumps’ on the pitch in front of More.

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More reveals how all other of his achievement often go unnoticed because of the incident. He added how his world record of six dismissals in a single Test is never spoken about.

“Pakistan-India is always on the field a big battle. Off the field, we have no issues at all. Javed loves to talk, he’s an outstanding cricketer. Sledging is always on the field. It happens in all fields. It’s become a lot more popular,” Kiran More said.

Kiran More
Kiran More

More added, “No one talks about my world record 6 dismissals in one Test match. Everyone asks only about the Miandad incident.”

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More also praised fellow rival, Imran Khan. The Baroda-born said, “He was always full of swag for Pakistan. He always loved talking cricket, he could talk 24×7. He wanted to do something for Pakistan. It’s an unbelievable story. For me, it’s a beautiful story, hats off to him. We have had lots of cricketers who have been in and out, not easy to handle.”