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Louis Kimber’s Controversial Handling Of The Ball Leads To Dismissal
By CricShots - Jun 14, 2023 4:11 pm
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Players are not immune to making mistakes on the cricket field, and sometimes these errors can have significant consequences. Such was the case for Louis Kimber, whose momentary lapse of judgment resulted in him being dismissed for obstructing the field during a County Championship match.

Louis Kimber
Louis Kimber witnessed a controversial dismissal

In the Division 2 fixture between Gloucestershire and Leicestershire, Louis Kimber, batting in the middle order, found himself in an unfortunate situation. He had been steadily defending a delivery from Oliver Price’s off-break when he realized that the ball was heading toward the stumps after bouncing off the pitch. In a split second, Kimber instinctively reached out and momentarily grabbed the ball.

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However, he quickly realized his mistake and immediately released the ball. Unfortunately for him, it was too late. Price and Kimber’s Gloucestershire teammates appealed for obstructing the field, prompting on-field umpires Graham Lloyd and Paul Baldwin to discuss the incident and ultimately give Kimber out.

Despite the fact that Kimber could have easily avoided the situation by using his legs to prevent the ball from hitting the stumps, his momentary lapse led to his dismissal.

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According to MCC’s Law 37, which states that “the Striker, on appeal, shall be out should wilful obstruction by either Batsman prevent a catch being made,” the decision to dismiss Kimber was straightforward once Gloucestershire made their appeal.

 The incident garnered attention from cricket fans around the world, and social media platforms were filled with a mix of reactions.