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Reasons Behind The Surge In Popularity Of Online Betting In India
By CricShots - Feb 6, 2021 7:51 pm
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It’s a well-known fact that India is a cricket-loving country which also leads to an increase in the people being interested in online betting as well. With a lot of people being exposed to the internet, cricket betting offers a unique opportunity for online bookmakers to make a huge customer base. Despite these vast numbers of internet users, there is a lack of awareness when it comes to cricket betting and the onus for the same is on various online bookmakers out there.

legal betting
Bettin can become legal in India

There is no denying the fact that there are many people in India who have never even attempted to place a bet online but there are certain chances that more people will go for online betting in the future. There are many different reasons people will opt to try online gambling. Here are some of the reasons why online cricket betting is becoming more and more popular in India:

1. Easy way of making money

Every year, one of the major highlights of the cricketing calendar is the Indian Premier League (IPL) as it helps in increasing the flow of money in the market. With the increasing online betting market, there is no need for a bettor to travel to another country. The only required effort is to log on to the betting site, place the bet and wait for an SMS with the result. The service is quick and convenient.

2. Cricket betting is more accessible in India

Online cricket betting is also an easy way out for people who have limited disposable income. Indian bettors don’t shy away from placing a 10,000-rupee bet for a cricket match as long as their service is at least comparable to the service they get on India’s famous online bookmakers.

3. Gamblers have a positive experience with cricket betting in India

The bettors who have been gambling during IPL also feel very safe because they know that they are placing a bet on a match, backed by substantial investments from some of the most prominent sports organizations and management agencies. More often than not, the customers are happy with their cricket betting experience as they can get their “fix” without coming to the betting center. 

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All of these factors combined have been helping in increasing the popularity of online gambling in India.

Advantages of the Online Betting market in India

online betting
Online betting is getting popular in India

Online gambling provides various benefits for online players still the online gambling industry being dull. With the Betting and Gaming Act 2018 getting approval, a lot of people are expected to visit legal and regulated online casinos. 

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These are all great reasons people look forward to opening an account with their online betting firm for any bookie. Not only are customers getting their fix of sports betting while at work, but they will also be enjoying a greater range of games than they would be able to at home. The variety of games available online is truly fantastic, with punters able to enjoy a lot more variety when placing live bets than they would be able to at a bookie’s.

Types of Gambling options in India

sports gambling
Sports Gambling has witnessed a surge

There are a plethora of betting options available in the Indian market. First off, there are the bookie shops which include general betting and gambling on a particular sport. Despite the fact that we are discussing sports betting for real money, but betting on events or players in the same sport is not unheard of.

Surprisingly, despite the massive growth in the Online Betting market, it hasn’t been an alternative gambling method for many Indian males as the online betting activity is yet to get legal approval. Being one of the fastest-growing countries, the Indian Betting Industry is now witnessing a huge surge and which has even tempted the government to get ready for Online Betting.

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In an attempt to regulate the activities, the Indian Government in October 2018 passed the Betting and Gaming Act 2018. In addition to that, they are looking forward to legalizing online casinos legal amending the existing law. All in all, the online gambling industry in India can be expected to witness a surge in its popularity in the upcoming years, which will further lead to a widespread shift from traditional gambling to Online.